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Contigo’s GPS Tracking System Makes Crab Thief Feel
the Pinch of the Law

Use of Contigo’s Asset Tracking System critical in busting seafood theft ring

VANCOUVER, BC (September 9, 2008) – Contigo is pleased to announce that the use of its asset tracking system was key in helping a Hawaii-based food distributor put an end to a seafood theft ring.

The client noticed that large amounts of seafood, specifically king crab, continued to go missing from the company’s freezer. The different varieties of Alaskan crab possess significant commercial value and the Alaskan king crab in particular is a prized dish in the culinary world. The loss prevention manager became suspicious that these thefts, totaling $50,000 in product over three months, were being made by one of the company’s delivery drivers.

The trap was set - a fresh shipment of crabs was baited with a Contigo 8100 GPS tracking device. Unknowingly, the thief stole the palette containing the baited crab. When the thief left the warehouse to meet his buyers, the client was immediately alerted of the theft via an SMS message. Contigo’s web-based system was then used to monitor the location of the delivery driver, who was tracked en-route from Honolulu to Waikiki and eventually caught handing off the crab. The evidence was turned over to the Honolulu police who have issued a warrant for the arrest of the thief.

"We are proud that our system was used to help this company put an end to their significant and ongoing losses," stated John Tedesco, President and CEO of Contigo. "As we bring more location-based solutions to market we continue to see interesting applications emerge that utilize the combination of our software, GPS tracking beacons and wireless communication technologies. We look forward to continuing to help companies reduce these types of losses from theft."

This recovery was made possible by Contigo’s software platform, coupled with the Contigo 8100 GPS beacon. The Contigo 8100 device is designed for asset tracking, covert investigations and personal security applications for both commercial businesses as well as family safety applications. The 8100 utilizes the world's most powerful GPS technology – gpsOne™ from Qualcomm. This technology allows the device to be located in environments where standalone GPS fails, even indoors. This device also features the building-penetrating signal strength of wireless and provides a battery life of up to 10 days on a single charge.

About Contigo
Contigo is a leading provider of location-based services using wireless and GPS technology for asset-tracking, fleet management and personal safety applications. Contigo’s patented platform enables companies and consumers to monitor the assets, vehicles, personnel and loved ones important to them 24/7 via the internet. Contigo’s solutions are distributed across the U.S. and Canada through Contigo’s network of value-added resellers. Founded in 2002, Contigo is a privately held corporation based in Vancouver, British Columbia with U.S. operations headquartered in Santa Monica, California. For more information, please visit www.contigo.com.


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