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Contigo Launches an In-Vehicle Messaging Solution
for Mobile Resource Management

New module supports two-way messaging and dispatching capabilities

VANCOUVER, BC (August 25, 2008) – Contigo, the leading provider of turn-key GPS solutions for asset tracking, fleet management and personal safety is pleased to announce the launch of the Contigo Messaging Solution, the latest productivity tool available with the Contigo mobile resource management system.

The Contigo Messaging Solution works in combination with an in-vehicle Mobile Data Terminal (MDT), Contigo’s installed GPS tracking beacons and the web-based Contigo mobile resource management system to support two-way messaging and dispatching capabilities. Using two-way messaging, dispatchers can now send jobs and instructions to drivers, allowing companies to significantly lower their cell phone bills or eliminate the need for driver cell phones altogether. This not only reduces operational expenses, but also reduces driver distraction that results from intrusive cell phone calls and provides a record of communication between dispatchers and drivers. Drivers can update their status in real time so dispatchers can determine which drivers are at customer sites, on a break, in traffic or available for new jobs. Drivers can enter billable information in conjunction with customer visits, providing driver accountability while streamlining the billing and invoicing process. Dispatchers can also view time card reports for a summary of driver activities over a certain time period.

“We are proud to add this powerful messaging tool to our growing list of fleet and mobile resource management capabilities,” commented Rob Goehring, Vice President of Product Management and Marketing for Contigo. “More fleet operators are beginning to use GPS and wireless technologies to enhance their productivity and we designed the messaging module as a way to help operators tackle escalating cell phone bills and improve driver management. Our messaging module is designed to decrease dispatch and driver chatter, improve efficiency for job dispatching and increase field worker productivity.”

Contigo’s Messaging Solution is available now and integrates with the Contigo 6200 GSM/GPRS fleet management beacon. Using the Contigo web-based software application, fleet managers can track their vehicles in real-time and review a variety of reports for stop time, trip distance and duration, idle time and more. Fleet managers can also benefit from scheduled maintenance events and receive proactive notifications of pending maintenance conditions. Large fleets can even be segmented into virtual departments, providing access control and permission management for an unlimited number of users.

About Contigo
Contigo is a leading provider of location-based services using wireless and GPS technology for asset-tracking, fleet management and personal safety applications. Contigo’s patented platform enables companies and consumers to monitor the assets, vehicles, personnel and loved ones important to them 24/7 via the internet. Contigo’s solutions are distributed across the U.S. and Canada through Contigo’s network of value-added resellers. Founded in 2002, Contigo is a privately held corporation based in Vancouver, British Columbia with U.S. operations headquartered in Santa Monica, California. For more information, please visit www.contigo.com.


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